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I qualified as a teacher in 1972 with an honours degree in English from London University and from then I undertook a variety of middle, secondary and advisory teaching roles in Bedfordshire.  During this time I completed an Advanced Dip Ed in Science and an MA in Education at Cambridge Institute together with a considerable amount of Educational Research at Oxford Brookes.  The most recent school experience before early retirement in 2007 was as the co-ordinator for gifted and talented children at a 9-13 middle school.  I published a book on this called Be a better gifted and talented co-ordinator in 2006.

I had always been interested in working with adults and from 1986-1994 taught a number of summer school courses in English Literature at Grey Friars, Colchester.  Subjects were The Short Story, The Romantic Novel and the Detective in Fiction.  Since retiring from classroom teaching I have begun teaching English Literature for the WEA and among my courses now are Literature of the Thirties, American Novels, WW1 Poetry and Prose  (see article) and The Detective in Fiction.

This last one is my most popular course with the WEA and I have self-published a book about the way I cover the different detectives on it.  

I wrote an article on self publishing in Writing Magazine in 2013 which you can read here.

Peter Leyland